9400 Series - Rescue

Pelican 9410L LED Lantern

Runtime up to 11 Hrs - LED - High 2,207 Lumens

The 9410L is designed to stand on end, the flashlight array can be rotated 120 degrees transforming it into an area work light. This light pumps out an amazing 2,207 lumens....Read More
Brand: Pelican
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Pelican 9430 (G3) RALS - Yellow

Gen III - Extra Bright 3000 Lumens

The 9430 Generation III Remote Area Lighting is the portable lighting solution for rescue or repair work. The maintenance free LED array has a life expectancy of 50,000 hours. The mast is fully extendable to a max of 3ft with a 360 degrees....Read More
Brand: Pelican
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Pelican 9480 RALS - Yellow

Up to 28 Hrs - LED - Max 4000 Lumens

Pelican 9480 Remote Area light with up to 4,000 lumens of brilliant white light, Bluetooth® app control. Quick release power pack design allows user to easily swap packs and continue using the light.....Read More
Brand: Pelican
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Pelican 9490 RALS - Yellow

Up to 24 Hrs - LED - Max 6000 Lumens

Super bright LED array generates up to 6,000 lumens of brilliant white light with variable light output via intelligent and Bluetooth® controls. Quick release power pack design allows user to easily swap packs and continue using the light....Read More
Brand: Pelican
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Pelican 9460M (Gen III) 2 Head RALS - Yellow

Bluetooth Activation - Up to 12,000 Lumens

“M” for mobility, the 9460M is built with a set of XL wheels providing easy transport over rough terrain. The all new and extremely powerful 9460M Remote Area Lighting System (RALS) provides convenient and ecologically responsible alternatives....Read More
Brand: Pelican
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Pelican 9415i Rechargeable Lantern

Intrinsically Safe IECEx ia Approved

The Pelican 9415i (Rated Intrinsically Safe IECEx Ex ia IIC T4 Ga) LED Lantern packs the power without the weight. Four LEDs, illuminate a distance of 392 meters. And it's loaded with innovative technology and features you have come to expect from Pelican...Read More
Brand: Pelican
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