Author: Lionel Middlemass  


Any postage or courier fees (where applicable) are added to your order upon checkout. If the order is split and items are placed on back order you are not required to pay freight on the back-ordered items.


Estimated delivery times are just that, estimates. They are not in any way guaranteed times. We provide the estimated shipping times so you have a rough idea on when to expect the parcel. Please keep in mind that delays do occur and you should allow yourself additional time should the parcel be delayed. Freight charges are non-refunable should the parcel be delayed outside of our control.

"I must have it delivered by........"
If you are travelling in the next few days, then we DO NOT recommend you make the purchase online.
You should allow yourself additional time for your parcel to be delivered in case of any delays with the carrier (we estimate an extra 2 days just in case). Instead we recommend you pop into our store to collect, that way you leave us knowing you have the goods ready to travel.
Bon Voyage !