Master 3-Wheel Padlock x 1 Random Colour

TSA Approved - Set your own code

The Master Combination TSA-Accepted Luggage Lock features a 30mm wide metal body for durability. The 3mm diameter shackle is 38mm long and made of vinyl covered flexible braided steel, offering resistance to abuse from baggage handling equipment....
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TSA 3-Dial Combination Padlock

TSA - 3 Wheel - 11cm Wire

The Pelican packaged 1506TSA MKII padlock is ideal if traveling through the US. It is re-settable but also is TSA approved. That means US Customs will not damage the lock and have a special key to open it if they need to inspect your bags....
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Search Alert Padlock - Pewter

Looped Shackle TSA

The SearchAlert Combination Locks have a unique Looped Shackle for ultimate travel security. The new series not only features the Patented SearchAlert Green-Red Security Window which allows travelers to determine if the lock has been opened by a TSA Ops....
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TSA Padlock Combo - Wire

TSA Approved - 3 Wheel - Wire

TSA recognised travel padlocks incorporate a security system from Travel Sentry, which enables security personnel to examine the contents of your luggage without forcing your lock or damaging your bag....
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