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Pelican 2365 Extended Flexi Arm Torch

Lasts 7 Hours - LED - 56 Lumens - 2 x AA

2365 Flexi LED uses 2 standard AA alkaline batteries, the new 2365 LED emits a peak output of 56 lumens with a run time of up to 7 hours....Read More
Brand: Pelican
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Pelican 3310ELS Glowing Kit

Wall mountable case, Glows in the dark

When the power goes out, the Pelican 3310 ELS appears: a self-contained glowing beacon and flashlight that's easy to locate in the dark. Housed in a clear tamper-proof case, the Pelican 3310 ELS mounts to the wall in the home, office or factory....Read More
Brand: Pelican
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Pelican 3310PL Glowing Torch

Glows In The Dark ! - Super Bright

Your days of fumbling around in the dark are over. The 3310PL LED incorporates photo luminescent technology which emits a bright glow making it highly visible in pitch black environments. And, with a run time of 202 hours (low)....Read More
Brand: Pelican
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Pelican 3345 VLO Safety Torch

Pelican 3345 VLO Safety Torch

Variable Light Output / Dual Beams

The Variable Light Output sensor (VLO) in the new Pelican 3345 VLO examines the ambient light/proximity and instantly adjusts its lumens to the most effective level. Now you can you read pressure gauges close up or throw light hundreds of meters away....Read More
Brand: Pelican
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3765 Rechargeable Torch

237 Lumens - Rechargeable

The 3765 LED Rechargeable offers four light modes – high (237 lumens), low (113 lumens), downcast (32 lumens) and signalling (140 lumens)....Read More
Brand: Pelican
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