Case Valves

Purge Screw Manual 1209

Old Screw Style Black Purge Valve

This purge valve is the old style valve released when pelican first brought out its case range. Because Pelican cases are so tough they are all still around today. No need to worry if you lose the purge valve, we have them right here....Read More
Brand: Pelican
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Auto Purge Valve 1209A

New Style Automatic Purge Valve

Pelicans new automatic purge valve requires no action from the users. It designed to keep moisture particles out whilst maintaining equal air pressure inside the case....Read More
Brand: Pelican


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Brass Lug for Screw Valve 1209BL

Replacement Brass Lug for Old Style

This brass lug is used with the Manual Purge Screw. If you are removing the Auto Purge for a Manual one you will need this part as well....Read More
Brand: Pelican
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O-Ring for Screw Valve 1209OR

Replacement Old Style Purge O Ring

This O-Ring sits inside the 1209 old screw style purge valve....Read More
Brand: Pelican
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