9430 Gen I,II - Blue Ring

9430 Back Pack - Orange

Supports your 9430 for Search & Rescue

The ideal solution for Search & Rescue crews whom need to cover a wide area with light. The orange tear off back pack is highly visible with reflective stripes. Makes transporting your 9430 RALS easy....
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9430 Gen I,II Vehicle Charger

12v Vehicle Charger (Blue Ring)

This 12v vehicle charger allows you to charge the unit whilst on the go. Simply plugs into the cars aux power supply and the industrial connection into your RALS units. Easy to use and the car charger is fused protected....
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9430 Gen I Extension Cord 3m

Fits 9430 Gen I RALS Lighting (Blue Ring)

This 3 meter extension cord will allow you to remove the light head and place in a different position away from the main battery unit. The 9430 Generation I RALS is indicated by the blue ring around the charger inlet....
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9430 Gen I,II 240v Charger

Fits 9430 Gen I,II (Blue Ring)

This 3 step charger will keep your RALS power topped up. It has three coloured indicators to show you what level your RALS is at: Red - Charging at 14.7v 2.7a - Low Yellow - Charging at 14.7v 2.7a - Medium Green - Ready / Standby The cord length is 150cm....
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