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Fits all Pelican AIR Cases
Fits all Storm Cases
Fits Pelican Cases from 1400 Series up.

The SearchAlert Series is TSA Recognized and Accepted for all lockable cases trunks and luggage checked at U.S. airports. When a traveler checks a travel case at a U.S. airport, it is sent through an electronic screening process for inspection. If a TSA Agent needs to search a checked piece, the agent will use a Federal Government Protected override device to open the TSA accepted SearchAlert.

When the TSA override device is used, the SearchAlert patented Security Window changes from Green to Red, alerting the traveler upon arrival at the destination that the lock has been opened by a TSA Agent using an override device, or someone else using an illegal counterfeit device.

When a Red Security Window is visible, the traveler needs to open the luggage to see if a TSA Notification of Baggage Inspection has been placed inside of the travel case. If no notification is found the traveler should check to see if anything is missing or if something has been added to the travel piece. This should be done at the Airline Baggage Claim office.

The SearchAlert Security window changes color from GREEN to RED when the TSA secured access device is used to open the lock or when an unauthorized 
person has opened the lock using a counterfeit opening device.

Ever wonder during your travel if someone had opened your luggage without putting in a slip of paper to alert you?  Now you can have the peace of mind of knowing for sure if someone has been in your bag or not with the Security Window!

- Recognized & Accepted by the TSA

- Security Window cannot be altered with a paper clip

- Security Window can only be reset by a person knowing the combination

- Zinc Die Cast Body (Not brittle plastic!)

- Steel Shackle is virtually unbreakable

- Locks feature a secure system that allows the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to unlock and re-lock your bags

- Rugged, easy-open shackle operates smoothly and fits most luggage zippers


Operating Instructions:
This combination lock is set at the factory to open at all 0's when aligned between the arrows as shown in Fig A above.  You can either leave it at this setting and always open the lock at all 0's or you can set your own combination in the following manner:

  1. Open the lock by turning the dials to present combination and pull shackle out. 

  2. Turn shackle halfway around (180 degrees) in either direction and push in as far as possible.

  3. Hold shackle depressed and turn it 90 degrees (quarter turn) in either direction.  Leave the shackle in this position while you change the code to your personal combination. 

  4. After turning the dials to the new desired combination, record the numbers someplace for easy reference (in case you forget the combination!!) 

  5. Without disturbing the dials, return the shackle a quarter way around (90 degrees), pull out the shackle and turn pulled out shackle half way around (180 degrees) and push in (see fig A).  Turn dials to any number to lock.  Your lock will now open at your own personal combination.  If you want to change to a new combination, simply repeat steps 1-5 (starting on your new combination for the shackle instead of the factory default). 

What is a Travel Sentry Certified Lock?
Travel Sentry Certified Locks have been developed through unprecedented cooperation between luggage, lock and travel accessory manufacturers, retailers, and the TSA.  Travel Sentry Certified locks are sturdy, die-cast combination devices that carry the red and white diamond-shaped Travel Sentry logo and a special TSA code on the bottom.

How are Travel Sentry Certified locks different from other luggage locks?
Only Travel Sentry Certified locks allow airline passengers once again to lock their bags with confidence. Before now, travelers either had to leave their bags unlocked or lock them and risk the locks being broken by TSA screeners if the bags need to be inspected.  Because the TSA recognizes and uses the Travel Sentry locking system, its screeners can, through a secure procedure, unlock Travel Sentry Certified locks if bags need to be inspected. TSA screeners must cut off all other types of luggage locks if they need to inspect bags.

How do I know that the Travel Sentry system is secure?
The TSA strictly controls the distribution of the special codes and tools used to open Travel Sentry Certified locks. Only qualified personnel with the TSA will have access to these tools.

What about the airline check-in people, who always tell me to leave my checked bags unlocked?
Airline check-in personnel are being briefed and trained to recognize Travel Sentry Certified locks and to understand that those bags may remain locked as they go through the screening process.

What happens if I use a Travel Sentry Certified lock and it’s cut off when I travel?
The TSA has been fully trained to recognize and use the Travel Sentry Certified locks and this should not be an issue.

Model # K6435PRT

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