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Pelican Spacecase  BG165055045

Pelican Spacecase BG165055045

Empty - No Foam

Spacecase BG165055045 Storage Containers are made from a high strength UV stabilised polyethylene material. They are stackable and have pad-lockable quality catches as standard. Spacecase Storage Containers offer ideal protection against harsh environmental conditions as they are highly durable, impervious to most chemicals and moisture and will not dent or rust. This case is lockable with padlocks if desired. The Spacecase BG165055045 internal dimensions are 157.5cm x 48cm x 38.5cm and it's external dimensions are 165cm x 55cm x 45cm. A overall weight of just 23.5 kg. The opening area of this case is 155.5cm x 44.5cm. The body is made from RotoMolded Polyethylene, the latches are Steel Zinc Plated / E-Coated Black.

The opening area is smaller than the internal area, as the lip of the base section creates the frame for the lid to close against.

Whats Inside the Case ?
Please be aware the Spacecase range does not come with any foam inserts. Its is an empty container.

Due to OHS legislation this item is sent out on a pallet due to its weight and/or size. Forklift facilities are required at the receiving end to take delivery. Redelivery fee's associated with a lift truck requirement will be onforwarded for providing false information.

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  • Excellent packaging capabilities at affordable price
  • Moulded from UV stabilised polyethylene plastic
  • High strength rugged cases will not rust or dent
  • Recessed protected hardware
  • Interlocking ribs for secure stacking
    • General Box Range with same footprint (ie external length & width)
    • Modular 550/110 Range interlock and crosstrack with others in the same series for secure palletisation.
    • Modular 620/1240 Range interlock and crosstrack with others in the same series for secure palletisation.
    • Modular 520/1040 Range interlock and crosstrack with others in the same series for secure palletisation.
  • Weather resistant gasket seal
  • Resists dust, chemicals and Oil
  • Made to military standards
  • Large range of sizes
  • Spacecase Storage Containers are produced under the guidelines of DEF (AUST) 1000(C) standards.
  • Spacecase Storage containers are completely reusable and meet all quarantine requirements as defined by Australian Quarantine Inspection Services (AQIS).
  • Spacecase Storage Containers are designed and manufactured in Australia.


External Dimensions:
165 x 55 x 45 cm
Internal Dimensions:
157.5 x 48 x 38.5 cm
Internal Lid Depth:
Internal Bottom Depth:
Product Weight:
Warranty Info:
1 Year Warranty
Made In:
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