New iPhone 6 Cases

Author: Lionel Middlemass   Date Posted:29 September 2014 

Pelican have released 4 new cases for the Apple iPhone 6. The Pelican C02000 (iphone 6) and C07000 (iPhone 6 PLUS) Protector cases and the C02030 (iPhone 6) and C07030 (iPhone 6 PLUS) Voyager Cases. The Voyager cases feature a screen protector and also come with a belt cradle. The Protector cases do not have the screen protection but offer extra protection for your iPhone. Limited colours will be available in the early days but a range of bright colours will follow.

C02030 / C07030 $59.95 
C02000 / C07000 $39.95

C02030 - Full Colour Range                                            C07030 - Full Colour Range