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Pelican designs and manufactures tough lighting tools used by professionals including firefighters, police, military, aerospace, industrial and consumers. Built Pelican tough, our lights offer the lumen brightness and safety needed whether in the field or at home.

We have led the industry through enormous gains in LED light output performance, and keep in mind that every Pelican flashlight is guaranteed for life.

2720 LED Headlight

with Gesture Activation Control

Gloved hands, wet hands or oily hands are not an issue when using the 2720 with Gesture Activation Control technology. Turn on the light with a wave of a hand. Additional features include: Low level red light that preserves night vision, for nighttime app

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2750 LED Headlight (Gen II)

Up to 193 Lumens of Light + RED LED

Bright, compact headlight for harsh conditions with a night vision friendly red LED - the high output 2750 LED Headlight provides up to 193 lumens of illumination, flashing, and low light modes. The 2750 also preserves night vision with the use of a red L

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Pelican 2760 Headlight (Gen II)

Up to 204 Lumens of Light / 3 Settings

It’s the one headlight that does it all. Tough, lightweight, super bright and loaded with multiple lighting features that include high, low, flashing, downcast, and night vision red LED modes.

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Pelican 2780 LED Headlight

430 lumens of bright LED light

Own the night with Main, Downcast, Flashing, and Main/Downcast Combo LED Modes. The Main LED illuminates everything in front, the Downcast LED illuminates everything below and, for an expanded view, switch to Main/Downcast Combo LED Mode.

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Pelican 2780R LED Headlight

Rechargeable - 3 Light Modes

The most powerful headlamp in the Pelican line is now available! Meet the 2780R. With 558 lumens of brilliant light, USB lithium ion rechargeable battery along with a host of features, the 2780R makes for one of the most intriguing headlamps.

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Pelican 2785 LED Headlight

Upto 215 Lumens / 3 Light Modes

At long last, a high performance / long run time safety certified headlamp! The Class I, Division 1 / IECEx certified 2785 provides a Main, Downcast, Flashing, and combination LED modes. The focused Main LED provides a great distance beam.

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2610 LED Headlight

High & Low Settings: 30 Lumens for 19 Hours

The 2610 provides hands-free light where you need it, when you need it. A dual mode button activates all 3 LEDs for full brightness, or just 1 to extend battery life.

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2690i LED Headlight

11 Hrs - LED - 74 Lumens - 3 x AAA Cells

With 74 lumens of LED light, 11 hours of battery burn time, it's brighter, more efficient, compact and lighter than other headlamps in its class.

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Pelican 2745 LED Headlight

High & Low Settings: 33 Lumens for 20 Hours

The Pelican 2745 headlight: Guiding you safely through the danger zone. Equipped with three LEDs, it produces up to 33 lumens and provides up to 40 hours of run time and offers multiple modes (high, low, flashing).

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Pelican 2755 LED Headlight

High & Low Settings: 72 Lumens for 6 Hours

Equipped with a single high-powered LED, it produces up to 72 lumens and provides up to 15 hours of run time and offers multiple modes (high, low). Additionally, the Pelican 2755 offers a low battery indicator which can prove to be most valuable.

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Pelican 2765 LED Headlight

High 4.15 Hrs - LED - 105 Lumens

The new Pelican 2765 headlight: Guiding you safely through the danger zone. It produces up to 105 lumens and provides up to 9 hours and 30 minutes of run time. The Pelican 2765 offers multiple modes (high, low, downcast, flashing).

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