Stormproof and underwater cases for everyday use.

AQ548 Small Wire-Through Case

Ideal for film crews and sound engineers

This is the new medium-sized Aquapac wire-through case. Ideal for radio mics that won't fit in the smaller 158. This product comes with an adjustable belt, and an adjustable lanyard / neckcord.

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AQ638 Waterproof Case for iPad with Headphone Port

Waterproof Case for all Apple iPads

Use your iPad safely in the bath, on the boat, or at the pool. Fits iPad & iPad2. You can still even use your headphones. Lightweight and easy to use.

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Small Stormproof Phone Case - Grey

Stormproof Case fits iPhone

Trail walking, mountain biking, urban jogging or just a day out in the 'British Summer', these little cases leave your phone worry-free, allowing you to get on with it whatever the weather.

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AQ518 MP3 Case

Waterproof Case

Internal: Max Length 12.5cm | Max Girth 15.5cm

Listen to your tunes wherever you go, even in the water.

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AQ922 Small Armband with Pocket

Supports other Aquapac Cases

Sea kayaking, cycle commuting or a day at the beach, this armband leaves you worry-free and hands-free, allowing you to get on with it whatever the weather.

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AQ106 Flip Mino / Ultra 111 Case

Waterproof Case for Mobile Devices

Internal: Max Length 12.5cm | Max Girth 15.5cm

Capture the splash as your kids jump in the pool. Record the moment they learn to surf with your camcorder protected from the water.

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AQ468 Camcorder Case

Waterproof Case for Camcorders

It allows you to film in places you wouldn't dream of taking your camcorder otherwise. For example in the dinghy, or even while snorkeling.

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AQ428 Small Camera Case with Hard Lens

Waterproof Case for Small Cameras

This is our premium offering for small digital compact cameras. Get great photos through the case - even underwater!

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